Marine Guliashvili

  Lyric soprano of Georgian-Ukrainian origin, Mari Guliashvili has studied music in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated with  honors from solo singing class of Maestro Professor Nodar Andghuladze. Mari has been conferred college diplomas in piano and choral  conducting, besides. After study at the singing course at the Academy of Lyric Art in Osimo, Italy, she studied and graduated from  the singing course of Milan Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire.
Newspaper Dilis Gazeti wrote about her in the period of her study at Tbilisi State Conservatoire: "The quality of her singing that  accompanied natural endowments and pleasantness of her voice allows hope for the promising future in opera". Among other  performances, Mari Guliashvili’s part in Haendel’s Amadigi conducted by C.von Kessenbrock at the Grand Hall in Tbilisi was  especially appreciated, while her interpretation of Gilda’s part in Rigoletto is worth special mentioning.
The flexibility of her voice and her sensitivity to the poetry create exquisite interpretation of Georgian music, and in this  sense aspire to the richest culture of her country, so little known in Europe.
Mari Guliashvili is vice-president of “Il Mulino Musicale” Association (Association “Musical Mill”).

    Michel Frequin

Musician and artist of wide range of interests, Michel Frequin is a graduate of the piano, composition and choral conducting classes at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire in Milan. He is also a graduate of the Catholic University of Milan with a thesis in modern literature on the topic of piano music in Italy of the last 50 years. Michel has studied conducting with Maestro S. Fermani, and is his permanent assistant and collaborator in the master classes held by Maestro.
Michel Frequin is of Dutch origin, born and raised in Italy, and considers that it makes it hard for him to comply even with himself by that reason. Strong self-criticism is the basis of his creativity, besides. Pianist with great ease in reading and revision, he sometimes presents himself as a pure classical performer, in other cases - as an accompanist, performer or an improviser of his songs, crossing disparate genres. His compositions have been performed in various places, including “Dal Verme” Theatre in Milan and Auditorium “Parco della Musica” in Rome. Theatrical works of Michel Frequin related to themes or musical suggestions are often staged in Italy and Switzerland. Co-founder of “Dagma”, he has been dealing with creation of soundtracks for theatre, cinema, television and live events for several years.
A tireless propagator of culture, Michel often takes the role of organizer of music classes and events. He is a collaborator of the cultural centre of music and professor at Foundation SwissMusicCenter (Lugano).
Michel Freguin is the founder and president of “Il Mulino Musicale” Association (Association “Musical Mill”).

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