Ventimariscelti - a strange name...

  Many suggestions are possible, though one can hardly suppose the word meaning a music group. Yet it really means it: a musical duo formed by an artistic partnership between Marine Guliashvili and Michel Frequin.
In 2009, a lyric soprano meets a pianist, and a partnership is established between them. There are many such unions in the music world, but this particular one reveals a lot of cultural and artistic resources resulted from the origins of the two musicians on the one part (Marine is Georgian-Ukrainian, while Michel is Dutch-Italian), and from their individual creative ways on the other part.
Ventimariscelti artists make their performances by themselves, trying to include their resources in every performance. They always try to create something new and unexpected that will lead to change of the most common forms of performance. Well, but why not then call the duo either Bizet duo, or Smetana duo, or any other name that echoes a musical idea? The duo  name  has  a  special  meaning, Ventimariscelti is  a  summary of the project.
The neologism contains many words: the winds and the seas (“venti” means winds in Italian, while “mari” means seas), as the natural forces in conflict and in harmony. “Venti” is a number, besides, and it means "twenty". “Scelti” means “chosen”, and if “venti” is placed before "mari", you will guess that only twenty have been chosen of many existing seas. It interprets the exclusive choice made by the duo: twenty "arts" presented by them and their colleagues during the performances and included in the idea, such as singing, piano, pianola, accordion, guitar and other instruments, musical composition, acting, set design, scenario, music lyrics, poetry, stage sets, costumes, photography, design, installation and video projection, installation of acoustic devices, stage direction etc.
Letter E preceding “venti” creates word Eventi (events). And finally: a strange at the first sight Ventimariscelti includes the names of the two musicians, members of the duo. Mari is a contracted version of name Marine, while the name of Michel can be compiled from the letters of Ventimariscelti.
One more “composition” is worth mentioning: Marine Guliashvili and Michel Frequin got married in 2010.

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