Forty-three sunsets

  Performance-symbol of Ventimariscelti is both a chamber concert and a recital, the live and improvised play. A melancholic character without name appears on the stage in all his loneliness, and he will from time to time be illuminated by various musical realities and appearance of several female characters. Those characters are embodied by the world of opera and lieder sang in Russian or Georgian languages.

These insights lead to development, and we shall search for common background and ties among the different songs. The dismal tone of the performance results from the problems, typical ones for the geographical area between the Caucasus and Siberia. Forty-three sunsets - the sad Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry loves to watch them.

Forty-three sunsets sought by our protagonist are gradually filled with new meanings and symbols for the following dissolution of them in the noble poetry of Galaktion, one of the greatest Georgian poets of the twentieth century.


Improvvisations to piano of “Vocalise” di Rachmaninov
S.Rachmaninov - Ne poi krasaviza
A.Machavariani - Mzeta mzis sakheo
P.I.Chaikovski - Baba-jaga
O.Taktakishvili - Mzeo Tibatvis
W.A.Mozart - Fantasia in re- (tema)
Improvvisazion to piano on “Iolanta” of Chaikovski e “Fantasia” of Mozart
P.I.Chaikovski - Aria di Iolanta, dall’opera “Iolanta”
S.Rachmaninov - Zdes chorosho
S.Rachmaninov - Prelude in G minor, Op.23, n.5
Rimskji-Korsakov - Szena taiania Snegurochki, from opera “Snegurochka”
Improvvisazion to piano up “Snegurochka” di Rimskji-Korsakov
Rimskji-Korsakov - Aria di Marfa, from opera “Zarskaja nevesta”
I.Arakishvili - Sisatura

Marine lines

  The power lines run through the universe creating a dense fabric that surrounds us as if it were a web. I love energy, it is the most powerful line. It guarantees the life, and the life takes energy in.

This topic involves seven parts in one unit that makes the performance actually without a story. These seven parts somehow lead the way to knowledge of the other people through love and energy of attraction. The background of the sea creates the environment. It is the symbol exceeding lives of the two characters on stage, both paradigmatic and universal.

Where words are not enough, as always, the music completes the effect through different genres of music, but without any particular one.

There are three characters on the stage: a narrator as well as a man and a woman, whose relationships are shown and marked by the music. A singer and a pianist, actors both.


Solitudine's Lines
“Mari d'incanto" of M.Frequin
“Ocean" of M.Frequin
Confidence's Lines
“Linee di Luce" of M.Frequin
“Linee amiche" of M.Frequin
Energy's Lines
“Energetic line" of M.Frequin
Body's Lines
“Tango" of M.Frequin
“Linee di Corpo" of M.Frequin
Trasformation's Lines
“Giraggi" of M.Frequin
Lines up Lines and a plumage of a smile
“L'Immortalità” of M.Frequin

Le Petit Prince




La Gioconda


Luci in acqua e sapone

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